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2 May, 2014

Today’s title is the answer to the schoolyard riddle: What do you call a less expensive bird? Well, at least a riddle doing the rounds in 1982, when Marvin Terban published a book called Eight Ate: A Feast of Homonym Riddles.

This last while I’ve been researching riddles, a labour of laughter and wincing more than anything. But I thought we could reprise Terban’s work with homonym gags of our own. Let’s abide by the Q-and-A format, where you pose the riddle and we do our best to wrestle for the homonym pair.

What do you call a ship full of dogs?
Barque bark
What do you call an odious chicken?
Fowl foul

Ensure you precede your riddle with your byline and a number, so we can keep tabs of the conundrums. Names and proper nouns are fine, but answers must only be a homonym couple. See how you fare with this fair handful.

DA1What would you and I do to improve our garden?
DA2Where do you buy weird wares?
DA3What planet owns fingerprints?
DA4What did the craven playwright do?
DA5Who runs ‘Horsham’?

Riddle us roughshod, old school.

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