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Conundrum 8

June 12, 2012

conun Look for a Storm later today – but in the meantime, here’s a conundrum or two to chew. Crazily, I’d jotted down both ideas on my iPhone, and then forgot to check the notebook for a month. The first may too difficult for a general Wordwit, while the second is eligible at the harder end of the scale. Both brain-strainers have a musical strain:

  1. What instrument of world music can be reversed to spell a possible musical group?

  2. Relying on both first and last name, this screen siren of the 80s can swallow an R to reveal a modern siren sitting directly beside her occupation. No mixing is needed. Can you name both women?



12 June at 10:28AM

Number 2 is cool. Gotye drift on that one, DA


12 June at 10:34AM

1....such as Hall and Oates?


12 June at 12:34PM

yes I think #1 is straightforwardly cartesian as per Mauve
interesting that 'world music' somehow means 'foreign but chic' music.. hmm
there was at least one folkie combo back in the daze who called themselves 'The Foggy Dew-O' ouch
#2 has not dropped yet


12 June at 01:03PM

Haha, Mauve's #2. Meanwhile, I'll try and keep the answer L.A. Confidential.

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