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August 19, 2011

untitled Always happy to celebrate the success of fellow Dabblers, especially if that kudos converts into a shareable word puzzle. This week the case applies to Robert Thomson, better known around here as RobT, who created a fiendish 15x15 that ran this week on the Anax website. Quite the boast, and a snarly, gnarly challenge it is too.

So if one end-of-week crossword is never enough, then have a crack at one of our own.



19 August at 09:30AM

Thanks and well done Rob. A bit like a return to DA on a Friday! If it were a meal, I'd be having a satisfying burp now.

Anthony Douglas

19 August at 10:03AM

Is that a typo in the 4dn clue, Rob - tax or taxi?


19 August at 10:16AM

Mmmm. It was supposed to read "Rainier". That would make more sense, too!


19 August at 10:16AM

Nice one RT - liked 9D, and 13A, 16D were new to me... had to cheat on my Bless This House actors though to make sure :)

Anthony Douglas

19 August at 10:20AM

Speaking of goodness, the Guardian #25404 has a very nice theme running through it. Particularly if you like a good detective story.


19 August at 11:10AM

Enjoyable puzzle, RT! 1A was grand, and 14 would have bowled me over if I hadn't seen it in that blog post a few weeks ago.


19 August at 11:43AM

Yes, I learnt most of what I know about 12,23A from this blog.


19 August at 11:52AM

Thanks AK. I thought of 1A my very self but apparently I'm not the first to do so!

Clueing is awfully hard and (owning that I barely have one fingernail on his pedestal or those of the various regular Guardian dudes) I don't quite know how they maintain such a high standard! Respect!


19 August at 12:23PM

Good one, RobT. Very enjoyable, and perfect timing since DA fell so quickly this morning.


19 August at 12:25PM

You should post the link over at DATrippers, too.


19 August at 12:33PM

I did on this week's thread. Ta.


20 August at 01:22AM

I must take the blame for the Rainier typo - it was my job as editor to make sure it was corrected.

Anyways, I'd be terrifically obliged if you guys could add comments on the puzzle as replies to its blog entry; I'm sure Rob will want to make visits to see what the reaction is, and all comments (including constructive crit) are very welcome.


20 August at 07:06PM

Good crossie RobT. I would follow anax's suggestion and post comments on his website but have not been able to find the place.


20 August at 08:32PM


Thanks. Hopefully this gets you there...


21 August at 07:36AM

Thanks Criseyde...here is the link, I hope:


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