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WoW: Guayabera

21 November, 2022

GUAYABERA [guy-ah-BEAR-ah] - light, open-necked shirt with short sleeves commonly worn by Carribean men [American Spanish] A Guyana guy can't bear a humid summer without his guaybera.

WoW: Krasnozem

14 November, 2022

KRASNOZEM - rich red loam, comprising porous soil and high clay content; also known as ferrosol [From Russian literally 'red land] Many of Tasmania's northern and eastern croplands depend on wide swathes of krasnozem.

WoW: Paillard

7 November, 2022

PAILLARD [PAY-lyarh] - slice of meat (usually beef or veal) that's pounded and grilled. [From Paillard, late 19th century French restaurateur] The paillard is better known as an escalope in Paris, or a pulverised patty in Pascoe Vale.

WoW: Nemesism

31 October, 2022

NEMESISM - self-criticism; self-hostility; sabotage of one's own desires [Coined by US psychologist Dr Saul Rosenzweig, after the Greek god of vengeance.] Nemesism is flipside of narcissism.

Wow: Knolling

24 October, 2022

KNOLLING - Lego slang for the pre-build arrangement of pieces according to their shape, colour or function. [Knoll - the small hill - stems from Danish knold (hillock; clod; tuber)] Knolling is also a wise IKEA strategy.

WoW: Wobbulator

17 October, 2022

WOBBULATOR - an electronic device used to align frequency strips; a key component of any FM circuit [Source-wise, a playful cousin of modulator] For true tech cred, the wobbulator is also known as a sweep generator.

WoW: Huapango

10 October, 2022

HUAPANGO [hwah-PAN-go] - fast-stepping Mexican dance typically performed on a wooden floor to accentuate the cadence of heel- and toe-taps [Named after a town in Veracruz state] If it takes two to tango, it takes plenty of percussive soles to huapango.

WoW: Pou sto

3 October, 2022

POU STO [pooh-STOW] - the basis of an operation; a place to stand [Literally Greek 'where I may stand', alluding Archimedes saying, "Give me where I may stand and I will move the whole world with my steelyard."] A book-crammed backroom is the pou sto of my verbal output.

WoW: Euphroe

26 September, 2022

EUPHROE - eyed, wooden slat used to support a sail or awning [Dutch juffrouw maiden,  a corruption of Jungfrau in German] A general awning warning if a storm is dawning: reinforce thy euphroes!

WoW: Fachidiot

19 September, 2022

FACHIDIOT [German] - an expert in one field, but ignoramus in other; one-track specialist [Literally subject-fool] Brainstorming among diverse thinkers will avoid the blinkered pitfalls of the fachidiot.

WoW: Flype

12 September, 2022

FLYPE - a fold or flap (of cloth); a knot rotated 180 degrees (in knot theory); to turn a sock or stocking inside-out in order to put it on [Middle English flipen - linked to Icelandic, flipi - the lip of a horse]

WoW: Kaohame

5 September, 2022

KAOHAME [kay-oh-HARM-may] - funfair installation where patrons can place their faces within a novelty portrait [Literally Japanase, 'insert-face]. Elsewhere, the kaohame is known as a stand-in, a cutout board, a comic foreground or a hollow-gram!

WoW: Angel's Share

29 August, 2022

ANGEL'S SHARE - portion of wine (or distilled spirit) lost to evaporation during the aging spell within oak barrels [Translation of the French term, a part des anges, abiding by the notion of the spirit world taking its spirited levy] Cognac distillers allow for the angel's share within any vintage release.

WoW: Rangpur

22 August, 2022

RANGPUR - tart variety of mandarin [From Rangpur, a region of Bangladesh] A popular alternative to limes, the rangpur lends a welcome zing to gin.

Wow: Pareto Principle

15 August, 2022

PARETO PRINCIPLE - ergonomic rule claiming 80% of the output often derives from 20% of the input; the 80/20 rule [Named in honour of Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto] In retail, the Pareto principle asserts that 80% of sales stem 20% of clients

WoW: Aboardage

8 August, 2022

ABOARDAGE - side-on collision between two vessels, often with one at slight angle [From aboard, plus -age] Slack moorage leads to likely aboardage.

WoW: Famulus

1 August, 2022

FAMULUS - a sorceror's assistant [Latin: servant] In Fantasia, Mickey Mouse plays the famulus of a magical animator named Yen Sid.

WoW: Plowter

25 July, 2022

PLOWTER - to play in mud; to slosh through puddles; to potter about [Scottish, of origin unknown] Childhood is your prime time for a quality plowter.

WoW: Morbidezza

18 July, 2022

MORBIDEZZA [maw-bid-DAIRTZ- sensuous representation of flesh tones in a painting;  an extreme delicacy or softness [Via Italian, literally: softness] Botticelli was noted for the morbidezza of his Venus.

WoW: Rhamphoid

11 July, 2022

RHAMPHOID [ram-FOYD] - beak-like or beak-related; regarding a cusp in trigonometry [From Greek, rhámphos - beak] Toucans boast rhamphoid iridescence.

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