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Crosswords emerged 100 years ago. Cluetopia is one mad time-trip from jails to jungles, in search of the best crossword stories.

Couple Cull [BB429]

22 September, 2013

If pallor fades = WANNESS WANES, can you solve our other six clues? In each case, one will have its two doubles slimmed down to singles to make the other word.

(See if you can solve all six and/or add to the list. Or maybe come up with singular cases, where TILLER can be reduced to TILER…)

  1. Have pretenses (7,5)
  2. Buloke bloke (6,4)
  3. Dog’s smarts (7,9)
  4. Get guns? (6,4)
  5. Arty bawl? (4,6)
  6. Farewell foreign gold? (5,3)

BB428 SOLUTION: Inaner, fervid, veneers, worth, tenor (or toner), prone, tighter, furrow, theatre, exist (Other combinations may be possible.)


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Well done to Sam for his Emmy makeover in our latest Storm, turning Best Actresses into the best wordplay, and winning a copy of Superstar Crosswords.



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