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20 July, 2013

Eight fools in flannels took on the challenge on intermingling cricket teams this week, seeing who could ‘cook’ the best wordplay for the hybrids. One master blaster stood out, but let’s examine the scorecard before any silverware leaves the shop.


SHANE BAIRSTOWA son! Birth saw hysteria grip English [Daffy Tangles calls on the Kate Kraze to devise a classy anagram, earning 7 points from 3 votes.]

STEVE AGARStumped, average ruined [This was my darling too, though not my clue alas. A superb continuation of the cricket theme getting Ringo Winton a whopping 17/6.]


PETER ANDERSONBatters reenter with pads on! [Superlative anagrind, with a compelling surface scores 8/5 for Henry the Twelfth Man.]

ASHTON PETERSENEnter Ashes in top condition [More golden guile, keeping the trope, and finding the ideal signpost. The members rise as one to applaud Dickie Woodcock for his 9/4.]

Now to the Player of the Series. Two strong digs ensured a clear winner who wasn’t Beefy Reiffel, my amateur avatar. Instead the strike rate reads this way, from scratchy to majestic: Richie Boycott 3, Beefy Reiffel 6, Gladstone Boon 6, AB Banjo Shakespeare 7, Dixckie Woodcock 12, Henry the 12th Man 14, Daffy Tangles 15 and a masterful Ringo Winton on 21.

Thanks for the thwacks. This was a fun & fertile idea, as your classy executions proved. (Far classier than our existing middle order – let’s talk plainly.) Look forward to doing more mixing-n-matching at a later date. Well played all and sundries.


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