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Gold Pangrams

27 November, 2010

Vexingly, the Storm judge squeezed back with prof….

Whatever that means. Not much. In fact it’s rubbish compared to the platinum pangrams this modest Storm attracted. Modest but mighty – and my task was vexing, fair dinkum.

So let me talk you through the very best, and why each deserves some lionising. The first roar goes to Nib, for somehow using just the alphabet-plus-two, which is next to impossible. But Nib did it, and kept things dinky-di, as well as vaguely sensible:

Spritz VB, go wax my FJ Holden quick! (28)

Jaw-dropping effort. Though JD merits silver in the Pan-Pacific Pangramathon for a sleek 32, which may entail two sentences, but the image is delightful:

Ex-PM Hawke quits job. Lodger of cozy van. (32)

JD also created the most classroom-friendly example, which is Aussie and handy to recite:

Graphic of vexed jumbucks quickly waltzing.(37)

A dabbled in flattery, with a Fantale bio of matching length, also caught the judge’s eye:

DA:Maker of X-words, webquiz,TV judge/lynchpin. (37)

In fact we could trim that sucker into a Who Am I question, dropping the DA bit, and gaining a pick of the board for a 35-zinger.

But let’s not overlook the brilliance of Gymbunnies, who are one-half Pom as far as i can figure. All the more impressive for the rabbitohs’ grasp of native fauna, a pangram cutie:

Quokka can’t view pygmy lizard or box jellyfish (39)

In short, Nib wins. JD is a dazzling second. And GymBunnies a podium must. Especially for their elegant sign-off:

Vexed, we jump our boozy qantas flight deck (35)

See y’all in the duty-free bar, for a less alphabetic apocalypse on Tuesday.


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