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16 February, 2013

Last week we flexed our Technomite with Macquarie’s new words, converting three into clues. The winner will score a Fairfax crossword collection that includes 25 vintage DAs. But before the votes, a standing ovation to CL for turning the shemozzle into a table – thanks Chris.

The first phrase was FIRST WORLD PROBLEM. A tooth-and-nail category this one, and a difficult customer to poeticise too. But two players cleared the pack. In second place is Spamalot with 4 points/2 votes for:

Troll drops web rank held by company

While the category victor was Barista Shortage on 6/4 for a topical treat:

To Araucaria, words flirt with slow internet speed, for example

Next phrase was SILO MENTALITY which was clearer cut. Two players racked up seven points, though I believe the player who gets most primary votes is the superior. Does that seem right? So silver goes to Stagflation on 7/6 with:

Exchange email snottily in example of corporate dysfunction

But shading this peach is Tip or no Tip on 7/5:

Enmity to all is troublingly compartmentalised!

Lastly the wildcards, where one player won the roses emphatically. Before I reveal their alias, silver is shared by Artisan Bread and Barista Shortage on 9/4 apiece. Respectively their clues were:

YARN BOMBING: Rebel robbing many on the street in knitted disguise

CROWD-FUNDING: Boasting about good times wallowing in big breasts and online booty

But the category czar is Stagflation with a whopping 18/7 for DIABESITY:

Condition is by a diet!

So does that coup make for a triumphant tally overall? In ascending order, from the immaculate Remote, the players are Leftovers 2, Tan 3, Tap 4, Spam 7, Paper 8, Tip 10, Artisan 15, Barista 17 and yes, the Stag on 29.

As a humbled Paper Cut, let me treat you to a confetti cannon – and a book when you reveal your true identity. (While Fiscal Cliff – we all loved your Technomite!!) But that’s the game. Consider the new words launched.


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