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Winter Wrap

15 September, 2010

Here they are – the answers to the 30 winter clues you’ve been “enjoying” this last while. The five sets of six appear below in the order of first appearance.

You’ll also notice the bonus words you need to clue. Namely UPWIND (or WIND-UP), COWARD, WHACKS, POMADE and AFFIRM. So don’t dilly-dally. You have till 6pm Friday to compose your best clues for each – with no more than two per player permitted.

(Post them here, by the way. Maybe piecemeal, so you get the suss the calibre of your esteemed rivals, with originality and concision – in that order – being the yardsticks.)

Don’t worry. I’ll include my own inklings, and later, in full impartiality, anoint the five best clues on the weekend some time.

So, the winter wrap:

  1. Fixed rate? Mourn dividend = NUMERATOR

  2. A measure of material for Peter? = DENIER

  3. Unwise breaking limit – cop follows one = IMPOLITIC

  4. Basic kinds of number, each without a point = PRIMORDIAL

  5. Bend on road to Lancaster, say = WARPLANE

  6. Wave adult off in marriage = UNDULATION



  1. In comic, kapow suggests this = WITH IT

  2. Seed new grape – 80% pinot = ORANGE PIP

  3. Old convicts first to be released from behind bars = AGED

  4. Very angry missing start of exciting sporting event = RALLYCROSS

  5. Take away bottle as the diner ordered = DISHEARTEN

  6. Husband cheats – a woman harbours bit of resentment = CONSERVE



  1. Relief from dope, say = SUCCOUR

  2. Fish withdrawing from the sound = KOI

  3. First pair of knickers said to be hot stuff = CAYENNE

  4. Measure of decay of lithium or iron? HALF-LIFE

  5. Inclusion of demands of orthodoxy, etc = AND SO FORTH

  6. Gas on for breakfast? = WAFFLE



  1. Live without monster when his job’s done? = EXORCIST

  2. Stress in the evening rush hour = DRIVE HOME

  3. Fish sauce served up with vegetable = PILCHARD

  4. Buzz derived from tropical drink = ALDRIN

  5. Tight-lipped guards work in exhibition centre = MUSEUM

  6. Poet writing about primo donno? = OVID



  1. Weak antenna almost receiving what BBC repeats? = FEEBLE

  2. Male hanging around to enjoy festival = MARDI GRAS

  3. Always go the wrong way, entering junctions = FOR KEEPS

  4. Country singer not very popular at first = INDIA

  5. Bond, spy carrying on with English maiden = AGREEMENT

  6. Physicist’s routine for splitting mass? = RUTHERFORD



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