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30 November, 2010

My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas. That’s a sentence to remember the nine planets (the iffy Pluto included), as well as their order from the sun. And speaking of sons, Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit (the five musical notes), maybe to offset so many pizzas.

Anyhow, welcome to the world of mnemonics, where we need to Keep Ponds Clean Or Frogs Get Sick (Kingdom/Phylum/Class/Order/Family/Genus/ Species), or stalactites hold on tight, or Roy G Biv is a close and personal friend.

But to hell with notes and planets. Bugger the spectrum. Who needs zoology? Let’s create some new mnemonics for other fixed sequences, trying to compose clever acronyms (or other memory devices) to capture things like the seven hosts of Media Watch:

Let Auntie Bring Media Justice And Harmony (Littlemore, Ackland, Barry, Marr, Jackson, Attard, Holmes)

Or the previous seven winners of football’s World Cup:

Always Get Behind Football Before It’s Soccer

Or the seven books based in Hogwarts:

Potter Series/Claimed Such/Popularity And/Great Fame/Over Planet/Harry Became People’s/Dashing Hero

Think you can remember the challenge? Choose a list or set – preferably one with a fixed sequence – and invent a mnemonic to commemorate it. The more familiar stuff won’t need more than a title (a-la the soccer and Potter examples), while quirkier ideas might benefit with a step-though (such as the Media Watch roll-call).

Deadline by Thursday’s first snakebite. Winners to be posted on the weekend. Now, where was I….?

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