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17 May, 2011

After the rigours of last week, turning our major cities into some monster clues, let’s take a change in pace, and wander into the local library. This week we need to pick an actual book title, and nominate a fitting author. You may just go for pun (always encouraged), or bio-gag, or maybe some other aptness you detect. Here’s a glimpse:

Fahrenheit 451 by Bram Stoker

Butcher Boy by Raymond Carver

1984 by Gretel Killeen

Holidays in Hell by Schapelle Corby

The Queen by Elton John

What Colour is Your Parachute? by Graham Greene

The Postman Always Rings Twice by Norman Mailer

Naturally this idea could spark a bonfire of match-ups, so let’s apply some DIY filtering and celebrate the best in the forum below. We could be forgiven for straying into filmdom (a-la that Queen example), since so many films become books etc, but I’d like to keep things more bookish than cineplex. Plays are fine too. Kid stuff. DIY. Non-fiction. Just think more shelf than box office, if you can, since movies are a separate maze.

Come judgement day, I’ll be looking for the freshest wordplay, or smartest bio-links, while avoiding the more obvious tangents, a-la that queenly Elton example again.

So with Thursday sundown as your deadline, let’s aim towards a weekend list of 20 bestsellers. I’ll also single out 3,2,1 for the pick of the pairings. Wits aroused? Go for a browse.

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