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31 August, 2013

As you would predict, this week’s divination storm showed some extra perception, with a landslide result in the set menu, and a merry squabble in the Wiki list. Let’s put away the tea leaves, the old shoes, the German octopus, and get down to see who won the good doctor’s book: Johnson’s Reliquary of Rediscovered Words.


TYROMANCY = It’s a cheesy way of seeing things, yes – for starters, it sounds lovey-dovey? [Astralia does a Paulish thing, making up a word, like Paulish, earning 9 points from 5 votes.]

NOTARIKON = Initial divination a rank notion. Interminable nonsense [I failed to foresee the relevance of Olaf Johnson’s alias, the same enigma reaping 12/6.]

SCARPOMANCY = Intervention due to Slipper’s misuse of company cars [Sublime clue. Not only the predestined anagram, but inspired enlistment of Slipper is far too good. This scored Psychic Sidekick a staggering 20/7.]


FELIDOMANCY = Cats used to cast “AFL- My Code In Crisis” [Sidekick rides again, his jumble snaring 7/4.]

SORTES = Cast by tosser?! [Nostradamus pips Psychic by a nose, on 10/5.]

OMPHALOMANCY = Only a macho PM mocks navel gazing [Magus is masterful in the Wiki leg, boasting a 12/5 return.]

Can Psychic be psuperseded after his Slipper coup? Let’s examine the tally, with yours truly as Medusa owning the basement. (That’s OK. I have two copies of Reliquary anyway!) Here’s the ladder: Medusa 4, Ouija Bored 6, Ed Chigliak 8, Astralia 9, Magus 12, Nostradamus 12, Olaf Johnson 18, Psychic Sidekick 27.

My waters tell me the true identity of our winner is a tall, dark, handsome recidivist, and not the first time he’s plundered a book from my library. But how can anyone dispute the calibre of his two podium clues? Please confirm your ID (and address in the winner’s case), and thanks for the exquisite scrying one & all.

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Gargantuan News

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