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28 September, 2010

You think the Delhi Games have problems? Try living in a town like Dismal Swamp, in northern Tasmania, or Cockburn west of Broken Hill, and see how many visitors you pull.

That’s your challenge these next few days – to devise a slogan for some of Australia’s less attractive names – plus a handful of not-so-dainty North American spots. Kite-flying an idea for Broke, say, on the western edge of the Hunter Valley, you may try ‘Broke: Why Not Go For It?’

Or: ‘Broke: Don’t Fix a Thing.’

Or: ‘Broke: Anagram Heaven’

Apply tangents, artful smut, puns, flak spin, rhyme, allusion – any tool at your disposal, so long as a laugh results, or a visitor’s inquiry is provoked. Ideally both.

For reasons of spam filters, don’t be too potty-mouthed, but innuendo and lavatory humour is encouraged. In fact, almost unavoidable. Winners will be listed in shortlist fashion, depending on the weight of wit and brilliance the Storm inspires. Get spinning. Deadline close of biz on Thursday.

Broke, NSW

Burpengary, Q

Burrumbuttock, NSW

Chinaman’s Knob, NSW

Cockburn, NSW

Coffin Bay, SA

Come By Chance, NSW

Dismal Swamp, Tas

Innaloo, WA

Iron Knob, SA

Mooball, NSW

Mount Buggery, Vic

Mount Misery, Vic

Poowong, Vic

Useless Loop, WA


Accident, Maryland

Dildo, Newfoundland

Embarrass, Minnesota

Hell, Michigan

Hooker, Oklahoma

Intercourse, Pennsylvania

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