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7 May, 2011

Close to a gross of comments in our hidden Osama Storm, with quite a few gross examples in fact, and several sublime. Foolish to nominate the very best, but I’m the kind of fool who likes a challenge. Hence the Hall of Hidden Fame below, fourteen zingers worth a revisit, with the best three saved till last. Enough concealing – let’s start the revealing.

Career reduced to char; lies he encouraged = CHARLIE SHEEN [Topical – and typical SK: top-shelf.]

On flotsam, ant has to survive = SAMANTHA STOSUR [A double for SK, but will he lift the ultimate bling?]

Zero glaciers return = AL GORE [Boniface spices the recipe with a stellar reversal.]

Volatile bonder, flame thrown back = ALFRED NOBEL [Same culprit, with an equally dazzling trick.]

Dwells in Euro berth, ugh, escape = ROBERT HUGHES [Sam relives all those Eurail nightmares.]

Included in trial by not rising for PM = TONY BLAIR [Rupert earns his niche in the Hidden Hall.]

Australian name – a resilient example = ANNA MEARES [This is a resilient example, RK. And brilliant.]

Watch rise vertiginously = CHRIS EVERT [RV describes Evert’s own ATP skyrocketing, back in the day.]

Some juju did enchant = JUDI DENCH [How well does Sam’s spell work?]

Tsunami afar, rowing for life = MIA FARROW [Maybe Candice Bergen was pre-loved, DC – but this is premium.]

Poncho has ill-designed back = LISA HO [Exquisite retro design from SK, the catwalk groupie.]

Gelati man at a hungry gathering = TIMANA TAHU [Great name, and a great story woven by Simon L]

She features in Hindi rag, and history! = INDIRA GANDHI [My DIY favourite]

Madagascar lab run in secret = CARLA BRUNI [Never trust the French, exhorts RK]

BRONZE: Found lying back in resort tub at Ibiza = ITA BUTTROSE [RK paints the scene perfectly, a Club Med Cleo.]

SILVER: Which way? NE? SW? Anyway? = WAYNE SWAN [Our fiscal leader, rudderless, as captured by IC.]

GOLD: Drank, ate. Wind, soreness the result. = KATE WINDSOR [A new name, with an age-old ailment, as diagnosed by Simon L.]

No hidden talents among you lot. This last Storm drew out your wiliest, creating caches in the most unlikely sentences, even more surprising than downtown Abbottabad. Next week, when I get back from BrisVegas, we may be turning our eyes to football in a co-blog experiment. More about this folly in days to come. Good stashing, pilgrims.

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