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Inanity Plates

29 March, 2011

With the Grand Prix leaving town, and Easter road trips around the corner, the time seems right to play with number plates. Blog regular JD suggested this Storm, a chance to break away from the clichés of XCELR8, or BMW4ME.

Let’s lend the vanity racket some new creativity, finding fresh combos of 7 or less characters each, be that involving letters, numbers, symbols (anything on a standard keyboard), or cocktails of all three. For example, a chef may own RATA2E, or Usain Bolt could brag 100M- (100 Metre dash). Just as Sir Alec Guinness may have puttered Pall Mall bearing the rego URD444 (you are the force).

That’s the game. Supply the driver – a famous name past or present, a certain vocation – and their vanity combination. Try to avoid the gimmick sites around the web, where a dentist’s ride brags 23PAIR (tooth repair), and chomp into the original stuff. Licence to use symbols, with or without letters and numbers, should free your mind.

Please bear in mind that the weirder blends may not make the Comments page as easily as others. And I’ll see if I can loosen my spam-net for a few days. (Let me know if stuff ain’t reaching the forum too.)

With Thursday sundown as D-day, I’ll be issuing prizes for the best triple combo (letters, numbers, symbols), the best doubles (in all categories), and even the best singles (all letters, all numbers, or all symbols), as well as the best overall.

To help us grasp your gag, maybe best to submit your stuff this way:

Marksman: IRI [right between the eyes]
Angela Merkel: GU10TAG [Guten Tag]
Jeffrey Archer: =1ST= [First Among Equals]

Engines primed? All systems go.

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