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Irish Upshot

24 March, 2012

A fitting craic for Jimmy, our Irish storm brought out the best and most devious in all of us. Mighty thanks for those taking part – both for your dazzling clues and simpatico voting. (Though we may need to formalise the system, as a few of us took different approaches in the tally, but let’s clarify that kerfuffle another time. This is about Eire, and Jim, and those clues and cluers who made us all emerald with envy.)

Before we meet the winning quintet, a tip of the hat to Shamrock for a fine hooligan (8 points), and Kells and Ruby Bloomsday, both scoring 9 points for their smithereens. Now Sinead, the envelope please –

Fifth Place (on 10 points) is JOYCE for shillelagh: Cane prisoner in hellish stir

Fourth (11) is RUBY BLOOMSDAY for craic: Blast of fresh air through cricket club

Third (13) is JOYCE for leprechaun: Clean up her spilt Sprite

Equal first (15) is SHAMROCK for smithereens: Result of bomb – terrible mess in there

Sharing the trophy with FINNEGAN for whiskey: Poteen spoilt is why Ken left the north

Great stuff, and props to all Irish reelers for your jiggery-pokery. Feel free to add your threepence, and please take the time to reveal your true selves. On the score, this is Joyce talking…and signing off with a lasting cheers for a craic-er of a tribute.

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Rewording The Brain

Focus & memory, lateral leaps & logic - every aspect of cognitive health is lit in Rewording The Brain, a book revelling in how puzzles boost your brain. Part 2 equips your brain to conquer any twisty clue, plus the wild crossword finale. Pop science meets neural gameplay, Rewording is rewarding, and out now.


Rewording The Brain

Care to renew your noodle? Rewording The Brain explores the latest neural studies, seeing how puzzles (and twisty clues) boost your neurons. Part 2 helps you crack such clues, and prep the grey matter for the crossword showcase to finish. More here

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101 Weird Words (and 3 Fakes)

From Ambidextrous to Zugwang, this mini-dictionary teems with rare or alluring words, plus bonus riddles, puzzles and fun word-facts. Dictionary detective will also nab the collection's three fakes. Ideal for late primary schoolers, or word-nuts in general.

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Gargantuan Book of Words

Sneeze words. Fake pasta. Viking slang. Gargantuan is a jumbo jumble of puzzles & games, mazes & quizzes, tailor-made for that wordy wonderkid in your life. Or anyone in love with letters, secret codes, puns, rhymes, emoji & all things languagey. More here 

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