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18 February, 2011

Just a few ticks of the clock before we send this shortlist across the ocean. As you’ll see, I’ve done my best to draft what seems the Storm consensus, the best three clues per player. Take a good gander this morning – your last chance – and see if these selections agree with your own take.

If I’ve chosen the wrong clue, the wrong wording, let me know ASAP. (Ideally we’ll send the correct list by noon, giving Loroso every chance to muse the clues in la campagnia. If I hear back from all players, I will – otherwise the announced deadline of 2pm will apply.)

Been a blast of a Storm by the way, a fitting way to celebrate ½ a blog birthday. Thanks for the stellar response, both as creators and cohorts: your contributions went far beyond the oche, a generous phernudge in fact. Cheers.

(PS – when sent, this same list will drop all setters' names, and present the 31 clues in alphabetical order. The rest is over to Anax – when he can find the time and signal.) So, the list:

SPURTLE: Stirrer confined to porridge when smothering swimmer’s head in condiments
BOGART: Legend of noir graffiti?
BALDACHIN: Nude up top hurtin’ church awning

PARAPH: Father, Lauren, Noel, finish with a flourish
NEPENTHE: Tackle the Nepean without a drink to forget
AMPSTER: Sly tramp’s terrible admission

Mr X
BALDACHIN: Coverage of blatant China conflict
SPURTLE: Finally, (2-Across) help you stir hot oatmeal porridge
USUFRUCT: Turn, surf, cut, rip = product rights

[Mr X, I’d swap this last one for your NEPENTHE: One pen, the pens that wipe memory]

HAFIZ: Report has held back if he’s a Koran buff
NEPENTHE: Elixir recipe: ethene with traces of nitrogen and phosphorus
MYRMIDON: Sidekick lost my nimrod

SKIRL – Drunken risk near learner driver causes a shriek
IRENIC – Beheading: seductive and pacific
BOGART – Hogwarts Centre is found near a marsh

SEIGNIORAGE: For ages, I ignore peppermint cream
JEJUNE: In Paris, I twice ran over a pedestrian
WELTANSCHAUUNG: Breaking gun laws, each nut displays inner beliefs

DUENDE: Dundee Scotch – a wicked spirit!
NEPENTHE: Drug one, heading off to penthouse – hideous
OCHE: Pseudo Echo on the pub floor

CONTUMELY: Scorn cult money suspect
BOGART: Greta Garbo outrage! Cast hog the limelight
PARAPH: Signature flourish beyond base measure?

CONTUMELY: Barb: fashion nut in pretty outfit
DUENDE: Urban chap suppresses an extremely elfin spirit
NEPENTHE: Calming agent penned the novel without drafting preface

Simon L
MYRMIDON – Loyal soldiers continued to mutter vociferously
SKIRL – Scream downhill on both hands!
BOGART – Spooner supporting Simpson soak up the spotlight

CONTUMELY – Scorn only cut me, perhaps

A shout as well to Anthony Douglas and Alec Ihm for their contributions. This was a Storm of soaring feats, and not every clue or tangent could make the cut. Though all efforts and drafts have been warmly appreciated.

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