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Oxford Arrivals

16 August, 2016

You may have missed the fanfare, given the general chaos of 2016, but the Oxford Dictionary accepted some 1000 new words in late June, with the list below a random sampling. And a red rag for cluemongers as well, a chance to weave some brand-new threads, from boteh (Persian paisley) to corrido (a Mexican ballad).

Please excuse the simplified definitions. If you'd like to explore the nuances in greater depth than hit the link and see the hardcore Swedish music of gabba is an audio assault with its own strange history, etc.

But otherwise, see if you can make sweet boteh of these fifteen, splicing both wordplay and definitions elements. Ole'.

AGENDER - person who doesn't identify with either gender

BAO - Chinese bread roll

BOTEH - Persian paisley

BOTIJO - clay pot

CONVERSATE - to chat

CORRIDO - Mexican ballad

DIVEY - Hinglish label for a seedy venue

DOPIAZA - Indian meat dish with onion garnish

DUDETTE - see ladette

FLAUTA - long deep-fried tortilla

GABBA - frenetic hard-core techno

GIANDUJA - rich hazelnut chocolate

KAYFABE - the unspoken pretence of wrestling [love this word]

SPOACHER - thief who sifts through your personal belongings 

TROUT POUT - supermodel's moue

Who can concoct the tastiest dopiaza, the crunchiest flauta? Dig in.

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Rewording The Brain

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