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Ps & Qs

2 March, 2016

Quibbles persist about the origin of the phrase, to mind your Ps and Qs. The prevalent theory arises from the old-world typesetter's studio. Working with movable letters, an apprentice needed to know his lower-cases ps from qs. 

Other possible origins include a taverner’s need to distinguish pints and quarts, or a child’s burden to master handwriting, or possibly the curtailment of ‘pleases and thank yous’. 

Whichever the source, the Storm is dead simple. Choose any word or phrase that contains both P and Q (propinquity, Qantas pilot) and equip your selection with a clue. Let's see who wins the plaque for the quippiest!

(And for a bonus point, is there any word where P and Q are interchangeable? The best I can offer is SUQ - a Arabic market. The quaint puzzle is making me querile!)

EQUIP - Supply drug, crack




What are you waiting for? Get quadrophonic.

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