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23 August, 2011

Here are the stats: 12 months of blog existence, over 52,000 visits entailing more than 170,000 page views, a tick above 8000 comments among the 40 Storms and 21 Times forums. (Not to mention 6 Huhs, 5 Mehs, one Loroso report – and 190 souls coming here in hope of learning more about Phernudge.)

A very good year, to quote cranky Frankie, and time to throw open the Storm ideas bank. As the grand anniversary challenge asks you to cook up a juicy future challenge for you and your fellow Stormers – with the best idea winning a Cook book.

Relax. That’s not part of the Nigella and Jamie circus, but an eclectic lingo hardback called It’s All In A Word, compiled by Vivian Cook, an English linguist and author of the spelling hoot – Accomodating Broccoli in the Cemetary. The volume was kindly sent by my English publishers, Profile Books, and embodies the ideal prize to toast a year of e-life.

So what gauntlet can you lob into the the think tank? Convert the seven High Court judges into clues? Reinvent the alphabet? A lisp puzzle? Write a sonnet with a reverse acrostic? Hollywood puns, Han Dynasty anagrams, homophone indicators? You know how canny this Dabbling lot can be, so cook up whatever Storm challenge tickles your imagination. Not only will the pick get the prize, but the shortlisted brainwaves will likely emerge as genuine Storms in DA.com’s second year.

So happy birthday, dear blog. And present your smoking ideas for you chance to snare a Cook book. Deadline on Thursday, before storytime.

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Rewording The Brain

Focus & memory, lateral leaps & logic - every aspect of cognitive health is lit in Rewording The Brain, a book revelling in how puzzles boost your brain. Part 2 equips your brain to conquer any twisty clue, plus the wild crossword finale. Pop science meets neural gameplay, Rewording is rewarding, and out now.


Rewording The Brain

Care to renew your noodle? Rewording The Brain explores the latest neural studies, seeing how puzzles (and twisty clues) boost your neurons. Part 2 helps you crack such clues, and prep the grey matter for the crossword showcase to finish. More here

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