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29 January, 2011

Strewth, mate. That was quite the Storm last week…

Too right. A nice warm-up to a spry 2011, let’s hope, with over 40 entries, and some 70 suggestions for our Non-Australian Dictionary. The idea was to handpick words, or stylise definintions, in a very un-local fashion, meaning Barbecues were opportunities to marinate meat, or Dinky-Di a kitsch royal.

In the washup I chose the best 20, falling short of our alphabetical ambitions, but feeling happily un-at-home with this bunch. In ABC order, with lexicographer attached, we tabulate:

AUSTRALIAN RULES – noble antipodal football game, revered for it’s rigid codes of conduct. [JD]

BRITISH BULLDOG – gentle “tag” based game for shy children. [Boniface]

BUDGIE SMUGGLERS – their purpose is to get the birds in, but usually lack sufficient volume to warrant attention [SK]

CARROT – healthy snackfood commonly used as a snowman’s nose [DA]

CRICKET TEAM– a choit of insects heard in the early evening [Simon L]

EMU – variant of popular youth subculture. [sam]

GAP YEAR – a chance to travel overseas, absorb some culture and earn some money before settling into a gruelling four years at university. [JD]

HOLDEN – classic Australian motor vehicle, renowned for its small turning circle, rust-resistant panels and excellent hand-brake. [Boniface]

KANGAROO – native Australian animal, commonly kept as a pet. [JD]

LOGIES – internationally regarded awards celebrating excellence in television. [Mr X]

MATE – an animal’s reproductive partner. [JD]

MELBOURNE CUP – just a horserace [JD]

NED KELLY – an executed criminal murderer [Mauve]

NEIGHBOURS – long-running TV series depicting life in an ordinary Australian suburb [SB]

PAVLOVA – a non-sticky NZ dessert. [Boniface]

QUIZ – bistro pastime where alcohol is eschewed in order to better tackle questions of Tudor lineage and pre-Raphaelites [DA]

ROOT – to give loud vocal encouragement to your sporting team. [JD]

SICK LEAVE – absence from work due to a debilitating or infectious ailment [SK]

TROUGH LOLLY – Australian equivalent of the saltwater taffy [SK]

UTE – a girl’s name (Germanic) [SK]

Congratz to JD for her swag of six. Thanks for the scholarship across the board, and look for a borderless tempest next Tuesday.

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