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13 April, 2013

A brilliant underworld Storm this week, with a dozen demons, and more than 100 posts. The whole mess of assessment made merciful by our resident angel CL.

Though before I open the envelope, just a reminder that all players need to vote. By my shaky maths, one little devil may have forgotten. No biggie, as we all have our own pandemonium to tackle every week, but voting matters. It’s part of the deal.

Lecturette over, let’s revel in the devilry:


Two clear darlings of this orgy. In climbing order of raunch:

Ditching pole dancing, saucy deb hides her depravity [Persephone shows her class, and sass, with 11 points from 5 votes.]

It’s displayed by each rude degenerate! [Rush Hour hurtle to an early lead with an emphatic 14/6 velocity, and a sleek &lit quality.]


A repeat offender in our final pairing:

Moonee Ponds megastar returns in afternoon, starts offering news, infotainment , upstaging Micallef’s “Mad as Hell” [As Beelzebub, I loved the TV tropes of Lucy Feral’s clue, which snagged 7/3.]

Set upon maiden, then another, creating uproar [I wavered over ‘set’ in Persephone’s creation, yet many did not: 10/4.]


Eight words on offer, all Milton-minted, with you best clue submitted. Our podium perchers:

PERSONA = Casting aspersion is out of character [Some players expressed doubts over aspersion singular. I didn’t. Loved the work of Holy Mackerel, as did many others, with an 11/6 mark.]

IMPASSIVE = Not worried about gap between contractions [Childbirth has many uses, including a brilliant surface sense, delivered by Rush Hour for 12/5.]

ENJOYABLE = Can Jay Leno be entertaining? [Stellar anagram form Purgatroid, with a 13/6 return.]

Rush Hour or Persephone? The secret lies in their non-scoring round. Let’s examine the tape: Orpheus 6, Pearly Gate 7, Seventh Circle 8, Beelzebub 10, Hotel California 11, Lucy Feral 12, Holy Mackerel 17, Purgatroid 20, Persephone 23, Rush Hour 26.

All’s fiendish that ends fiendish. Or Satanic, as Milton coined, with every player in the pentagram bowing to the evil genius possessed by the Rushed One. Great storm, gremlins? Hell, yeah!

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