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9 June, 2012

A gentle foxhunt compared to the madcap steeplechases of recent Storms, this Diamond Jubilee version asked you to insert ER into a word, a phrase, a name & a title. While some benighted subjects managed to spurn these royal orders, the outcome was still worthy a decorous titter. Among a modest eight of you, from Freddie to Adelaide, the points fell this way:


SEERVERITY – accuracy in augury [Elegant work from Regina, sharing the dais with…]

TASERMANIA – Cops out of control on the Apple Isle [From Mab, who rightly said Tassie is neither word nor title, but the joinery is so fine, it had to be rated. Honourable mentions also to Freddie for PASTERA, and Adelaide for DEBERTS.]


THE SHOWER MUST GO ON: No point attending to your family’s screams if you’re not fully washed [Argues African, eloquently. Also noted – The Guard’s model terrain, and Stone Age’s peerer pressure, a syndrome all parents know, and brats rely on.]


CHERUBBY CHECKER: Baby-sitter [Gorgeous creation by Slander, worthy of a kewpie doll. Two more names to catch our royal eye are Kevin Rudder – from Regina – and Mab’s Denier Hines.]


QUEER SERA SERA [Controversially, I switched Freddie’s wonder from phrase to title, as this was our palest category. Three points for gay pride, sharing the honours with an exquisite doubler:]

THE SERUM OF USER – Oz remake of Trainspotting [From Slander, his/her second major score. Meantime, tot up singles to The Guard for Erode To Joy and Regina’s Privateer Practice.]

Doing the majestic maths, we see African just outside the places on 3, shaded by the Bronze twins of Mab and Freddie (both 4 points, with one major and a mention.) Pipping these two Pippis is the Silver-crowned Regina on 5 points. Yet all seem commoners in comparison to the aurific Queen Slander for a double major (and double bunger) on six. All hail the Bad-Mouther, and thanks for the irreverent interregnum of insertion.

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